Fried Plantain and Tofu Sandwich

Fried Plantain and Tofu Sandwich

This delicious sandwich will make your mouth water. Packed with good nutrition, fried plantains and grilled tofu.


Why should you try this fried plantains and grilled tofu sandwich?

Plantains are delicious, rich in nutrients, contains fiber, and good for your heart. Tofu is excellent for your heart and bones. It's full of iron and protein and it's very versatile.


  • TIME: 30 MINS

    Ingredients for Sandwich:

    • bread
    • lettuce
    • plantain
    • tofu
    • ketchup or BBQ sauce
    • pickles
    • plant based cheese
    • any powdered seasonings of your choice


    How to Prepare the Tofu:

    1. Be sure to drain and get all excess water out of the tofu (press it with a cheesecloth or paper towel)

    2. Heat the skillet to medium with coconut or avocado oil (any oil of your choice)

    3. Place the tofu on the a cutting board or plate, slice it into rectangles or squares.

    4. Once the skillet is hot, place the tofu in it and fry to a golden brown color on each side.

    5. Before turning each side, season the tofu with ground pimento , black pepper, a pinch of sea salt, garlic and onion powder. (any seasonings of your choice)

    6. Remove tofu from the skillet and place aside on a plate.

    How to Prepare the Plantains:

    1. Slice one plantain into medium-thin slices.

    2. In the heated skillet put place the slices of plantains

    3. Fry until golden brown in color on each side.

    4. Add seasonings of your choice.

    5. Once they are done frying, remove from the skillet and set aside.


    How to Prepare the Sandwich:

    • On one slice of bread spread a little sauce. Place a slice of plant based cheese on the bread (can be melted or any kind of cheese)
    • Place the tofu on top of the cheese, add more sauce. Then put some sliced pickles on top.
    • Then place the fried plantains on top.
    • Spread a little more sauce on the second slice of bread and place that slice on top.
    • Enjoy!

    Added Notes:

    • You can toast the bread if you choose.
    • The cheese can be grilled and can be any kind of plant based cheese.
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